Press Box Opinions is a sports-only blog from Brendan Dzwierzynski, author of sister blog Per audacia ad astra. After starting Per audacia ad astra and realizing that one blog would not be enough to contain all of his opinions on life, news, sports and more, Press Box Opinions was born. Press Box Opinions features just that, opinions, ranging from who should be the top prospect in this year’s class of draft eligible quarterbacks, to why ignoring sabremetrics in baseball today is foolish, to why unions for college athletes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and everything in between. Nothing is off limits. Updates will be frequent and will feature opinions on sports news and all of the goings-on in the sports world.

Brendan is a journalism student at the University of Kansas. An aspiring radio broadcaster and writer, he has won multiple national awards and numerous accolades for his radio work over the past 6 years. Brendan has worked for both WLTL-FM in LaGrange, IL and also at KJHK-FM in Lawrence, KS as both a DJ and in numerous management positions. Per audacia ad astra and Press Box Opinions are his first exploits into published writing.


Brendan writes for not only Press Box Opinions and Per audacia ad astra, but also works as a contributing writer for RockChalkTalk.com and also contributes at kjhk.org.



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