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Top of the Charts Rankings: Week 12

Another exciting week in the world of college football, filled with upsets, ended playoff bids and contending teams continuing a push for the postseason. The conference and national rankings are getting mixed up today after this week’s games. Let’s dive in and see what this week’s rankings look like, shall we? Continue reading


Top of the Charts Rankings: Week 11

Anyone can have a regular ol’ Top 25 poll, but I like to do things a little differently. I’ve selected the top team in each Power 5 conference, the best team out of the G5 schools and also assembled my own national top 10. And, unlike the College Football Playoff weekly show, this won’t take up an hour of your time. This week saw some upsets, some near upsets and plenty of drama across the country. Let’s get right to the rankings this week. Continue reading

Top Of The Charts Rankings: Week 7

Anyone can put together a basic college football top 25 poll, but I’m going to approach my weekly rankings a little differently. I’ll take a look at the best teams in each Power 5 conference, as well as the best of the G5 schools, and finish off with a top 10 power ranking as well. Continue reading

The Tragic Tale of the Blazers’ Unnecessary Death Penalty

College football is an important part of life to many people for many reasons, and to some people it means everything. To football players at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, life is about to change dramatically, and as a whole, it isn’t for the best. Continue reading