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The Curious Case of Janay Rice

By this point, we all know the Ray Rice situation, that the now-disgraced NFL running back punched his then-fiancée and knocked her out in an elevator in Atlantic City. What we still do not know is exactly why Janay Rice continues to come to the aid of her husband. Continue reading


Tony Dungy, Michael Sam and Double Standards

Tony Dungy has recently made comments about how he would not have drafted Michael Sam because of what comes with drafting the first openly gay player in NFL history.  Before you get outraged about what Tony Dungy thinks, remember other situations in which famous people have said or done unsavory things and you’ve turned a blind eye. Continue reading

NFL Draft Review Part 1 – The First Round

The first round of the 2014 NFL Draft is over, and it was filled with excitement. Some reaches, some huge value picks, but who really won on Thursday night? I’ve got my first round grades for all 32 teams. Continue reading